Tilt Mud Bucket

Australian Bucket Supplies Tilt Bucket is a high performance attachment that will improve productivity and performace through their heavy duty robust construction for increased strength and durability.

Australian Bucket Supplies Tilt Mud Buckets are built with tough materials, using 350 and 400 grade hardox on the toe plate, wear strips which is completed with a bolt-on-edge along with twin cylinder hoses.

2-3 Tonne Tilt Mud Bucket 1000mm

RRP $2,325.00 + GST

3-4 Tonne Tilt Mud Bucket 1200mm

RRP $2,675.00 + GST

5-6 Tonne Tilt Mud Bucket 1200mm

RRP $3,325.00 + GST

8-10 Tonne Tilt Mud Bucket 1200mm

RRP $3,830.00 + GST

12-14 Tonne Tilt Mud Bucket 1500mm

RRP $5,700.00 + GST

20-25 Tonne Tilt Mud Bucket 2000mm

RRP $7,650.00 + GST

30-35 Tonne Tilt Mud Bucket 2000mm

RRP $8,700.00 + GST

Tilt Mud Bucket Brochure

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Why choose Australian Bucket Supplies?

  • Quick delivery Australia wide
  • Buckets are designed and made to Australian Working Standards
  • 24 hour turnaround with all STOCKED items
  • Low prices guaranteed 
  • Dedicated and passionate about supplying reliable, efficient and cost productive attachments 
  • We give a guarentee on fabrication with a 12 month warranty
  • Our main objective is 100% customer satisfaction 
  • We supply attachments for all types and size machines

Attachments Available: 

  • General Purpose Buckets 
  • Mud Buckets 
  • Sifting Buckets 
  • Tilt Mud Buckets 
  • Manual Grabs 
  • Hydraulic Grabs 
  • Rippers
  • Compaction Wheels